Saturday, October 9, 2010

so-called BIAS.

see,i just remembered the quote that tells us to not hear someone says anything which is bad about someone else.because atlast,they can talk about us(myself) to others.
oh my,couldn't imagine how she could talk bout me to others.
and today,we(me and habiba) just revealed the story about our colleague.
in the other word,about our friend with the same place practical,same school,same campus,same course,same tr ansport.okay,i realize how many BUDI that we owed her.
thats true and cant deny it.but then,after all over as we go through together in our practical period,suddenly in a few weeks nak2 semenjak dua menjak ni perangai dia dah nampak okay.if it is just because of that guy,so-called crush(shes so admired that guy ok! ) nah hamek la sgt.aku tak nak pon.kristian+tak sunat+he's not my taste at all.
or..or..she's actually trying to seek for an attention.i mean,kalau nak tengok pada perubahan tu nampak nak membodek madam(our supervisor),guru pembimbing.mungkin jugak obvious nak dapat high mark whatsoever.
pelik lah,kesal.madam pun aku tengok bkn main nak tutup kesalahan dia.kalau dia buat apa-apa salah yg sbnarnya kesalahan yg sama aku pernah buat.kalau aku buat salah kecik pun kecoh madam tu.but,if that girl?
takkan la sbb dia member kamceng the best student kot plus the best student tu pun jadik the best student masa praktikal dulu.haih.dasar penimbang rosak! berat sebelah.

*tiba-tiba nak search lagu ni..
'dunia ini penuh kepalsuan'....
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