Wednesday, February 20, 2008


To prevent stress from hijacking your life you need to make simple stress management techniques a habit.According to psychologist, MARIA GARDINER,here's how to reprogram your stressed out brain.
  1. Put things in perspective.ask yourself "What is the worst thing that could happen at work because i spilled coffee and stained my shirt?" you'll soon realise it's not worth agonising over and that you're over-reacting to the situation.
  2. Stop catastrophising.edit statements like "I had a killer day" or "Everything always goes wrong" fro your conversations. "Try to view unpleasant events and situations as uncomfortable but not the end of the world," GARDINER advises.
  3. Distract yourself.stuck in a long queue?Don't tense up and get annoyed.Use the time constructively - take deep breaths and get your body back into a state of calm; do some pelvic floor exercises; clean out your wallet. "Control what you can control and try to let go of the rest - this will help take the stress out of everyday events," says GARDINER.
  4. Quarantine your worry.if you're having a problem at work or with your guy - make a mental note to give the problem half an hour in the evening. "Then try to put the problem out of your mind for the rest of the day," says GARDINER.
  5.'ll be amazed how much less you have to juggle when your flatmate and boyfriend start helping to pack the dishwasher,do the laundry or the grocery shopping.

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