Thursday, February 21, 2008


Anyone with acute perfectionism needs to seek professional help.However,if your perfectionism isn't extreme,try taking an "emotional audit"of your life.These are practical steps to help you think more deeply about why you feel the way you do-to make it easier to break the negative patterns of your behaviour.

  1. Do you have little pockets of perfectionism in your working life,such as performing tasks in such detail that even your boss feels you're overdoing it?Then take a long,hard look at how your parents disciplined you as a child.Are you still trying to live up to the impossible standards they set?
  2. Did your parents humiliate and mock you or give you icy-cold stares? If so, you could still be worrying that bosses will put you down. You're over-exerting youself to try to avoid critcism.
  3. what was your parents attitude to cleanliness,tidiness and timekeeping? Perhaps they were excessively concerned about them,making u like that,too.
  4. were ur parents sometimes frigthening when it came to specific tasks,such as doing ur home work on a sunday night? Today u may still fear that they'll be angry if u don't do exactly what they want, which could explain why u dread mondays on a sunday evening.

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