Tuesday, March 23, 2010

being a good listener.

* aman .

train yourself(and myself ESPECIALLY) to be a good listener, not only in class but also socially and,later,professionally. socially, if you are a good listener yu can influence others. this may sound surprising as it is a common belief that a good speaker can influence others,but one seldom thinks the same of a listener. however,a good speaker who does not listen is a poor communicator-people get fed up when they find the other person not listening to them. imagine yourself speaking to someone and that person is not listening-wont you get annoyed?

psychotherapists listen to their patients :
it is a professional skill in therapy. even if you do not agree with a person's views,when that person notices that you are listening, he or she will form a better impression of you.
speak well and listen well,and you are actually a good communicator. if you can't speak well,at least be a good listener,and socially you are likely to be a success. listening well also helps you to improve speaking.


zumiela7 said...

always wish yg bile kite sudi mndgr, akn ade gak org yg sudi mndgr kite...

perawan said...

salam zumiela7..
salam kenal..
yup,mmg kita selalu harap org lain supaya mendengar kita.
tapi,tak boleh selalu mengharap.
sbb,biasa nya..kesudahannya kita sendiri yg mendengar diri kita sendiri.
apa yg kita mahukan,kehendak kita,
rasa kita dll.