Friday, July 10, 2009


  1. venue: cc jerry
  2. specific: campus lerr!
  3. google map: MANAGEMENT AND SCIENCE UNI.SS13,SHAH ALAM!!xtau gk kerr..
  4. gps: vs google map
  5. 3g: iphone
  6. phone: cap cina
  7. colour:,
  8. sms: fast typer(are you sure?)
  9. incoming call: .."eh,ktne 2?"...from ucukkkkk.hee.
  10. call: emergency call..."mak,bank in wit"...hee. or,...."abie,u ktne?clz cncel ek?".haha.
  11. tee: fit ckit laa.ucuk bengang..."nxt time u wear a shawl,biar ttup sume".kan dah kena.
  12. pants: bontton yg dh mashamm.weeknd bsuh la.
  13. purse: ala2 kulit,buaya.ala2 lacoste beli kt night market.linda punyer.haha.
  14. flip flop: uptown mali.
  15. temperatue: td hot,kini cold..."coz u're hot then u're cold"...aircond.
  16. keys: motocycle.
  17. owner: not belonging to me.exactly.
  18. classes: for today,fundamentals lect by MDM.ELLINA.
  19. tomorrow: never die...
  20. yesterday: the day before today.
  21. film: transformer.revenge of the fallen.
  22. revenge: megatrone.
  23. cute: bumblebee.
  24. car: subaru impreza.alphard.kelisa pon boleyhh.
  25. home: town.
  26. town: old town white coffee.
  27. coffee: caffien.
  28. migrain: kampung pening lalat.
  29. p.ramlee: ramlee bin puteh.
  30. food: char kuay teow abg front of perdana residence.
  31. chill: twister orange.nescafe ice.soya bean.
  32. snacks: myvito.
  33. shoes: bata flat shoes.selesaa
  34. shoes for raya festive: wedges.already bought the box at home.
  35. nyummy: mcflurry.
  36. sunburn: ....."ouh,malaysia is sooooo hot"...
  37. pimples: period.
  38. hate: pimples.acne scar.
  39. love: relationship.
  40. soft: lan.
  41. rough: tomboy.
  42. air: asia.
  43. rude: no rules.
  44. history: law student.
  45. linguistic: tesl student.
  46. computer: fise student.hee.
  47. jepun: takaeshi sushi.heeee.
  48. blood: injure.
  49. blonde: britney circus womanIZER.
  50. perfume: not really necessary for me.
  51. compulsory: deodorant.
  52. cigarette: silent killer.
  53. divorce: mati hidup semula.
  54. marriage: one day.insyaALLAH.hee.
  55. babies: not sure.i am not kilang.
  56. milk: shake.
  57. giant: peneraju harga termahal.
  58. tesco: extra.
  59. pampered: last child.
  60. hope: future.

*tagged to all of you out there...

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