Saturday, January 3, 2009

right before your eyes

.......the thing is it's not like he was really rejecting me it's juz that he's really actually fucking mess & he can't handle a mature relationship which is very interesting bcoz i was obviously not asking for any sort of serious commitment of any kind & really we could juz have had a gud tyme & i think it would have been really nice to get regular *** wif no obligations attached but if he couldn't handle that fine bcoz i am an extremely attactive woman in my absolute prime & it's completely his loss & his wife is a complete failure as a woman as far as i can tell and there is nothing there for him so he's juz going to drown in his life and he will probably change his mind and come crawling back & i will be more than happy to let him watch me wif any one of the string of boyfriends i am about to ruin.......

......"sure,sure," i said.what else was there,really?

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