Monday, November 17, 2008

great people say da d***est things,too. think only d**b people say d**b things?
think fact da best and da brightest do commit some d**b acts and utter d**b things.but sadly,people rmmber such mistakes,in fact
it became part of the linguistic legacy of individuals.there are those who made genuine mistakes.some were unjustifiably remembered for the things they said long will always be there in the annals of not-so-thoroughly-thought-statements.
BUT,there are some among us,who have perfected the art of making verbal blunders.
probably the mind is working faster than the brain...or the brain(whats left of it anyway) was unable to comprehend what is uttered by the speaker.not many public speakers make full use of their barins under pressure anyway.say it first,face the music later.or colud it be a combination of foolishness & egoistical platitude masquerading as verbosity?
some make so many such gaffles,they have become part of urban legends.folklores are made these-people whose tendency is to make the worst of spoken language. i am sure you have heard someone who informed us why they moved out the pondok polis from the chow kit area(which was proven to be wrong anyway), "to protect the police." hey...who needs protection here,man!!!

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