Thursday, October 23, 2008

wired to have fun~

i'm so glad i was born a FEMALE.i tink galz(blonde highlights or not) juz hve more fun compared to our testosterone-filled counterparts.i lurf dat we can work our femininity to our benefit and also hve the power to kick ass when the need arises.we can be demure,sexy,smart,aloof....
depending on the need and tyme of day.i guess diz liberation all boils down to choices.flat pumps or strappy heels?
medical course or fashion major?
Wenworth Miller or George Clooney?frivolous or serious,the point is,today these decisions are really up to recoin a popular phrase,you can make your accessories and wear it too! dats why it's so great to see more and more galz using diz power of decision-making to contribute to society.todays workforce is splattered wif gal fact, the ECE team is 100 percent FEMALE.all of us are ambitious ,independent& seriously addicted to our jobs-which has made me realise dat it can be an intimidating environment for fellow MALE peers.but some guys find these very values attractive.with more and more women in high-powered positions,we've got additional pulling power with the guys.yet on the flip side,we dun feel threatened if we're dating sum1 of a higher-status job-wise than us.
what can i say...we galz are juz fantastic at adapting.which brings me back to why galz hve more fun.we hve so many facets to our personalities and are versatile enough to adopt as many roles as we such,let's celebrate choices!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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