Monday, February 18, 2008

Woman : Simple Yet Complex and Confusing

If you are well dressed, she thinks you are a playboy
If you are not, she thinks you are rugged
If you kiss her, you are not a gentleman
If you don't, you are not a man

If you praised her, she thinks you are a liar
If you don't, you are good for nothing
If you agree, she thinks you are a yes-man
If you don't, you are not an understanding man

If you are a minute late, she complains
If you come on time, for hours she makes you wait
If you in love within a brief time, you are a fresh guy
If you delay, she wonders why

If you talk, she wants you to listen
If you listen, she wants you to talk
If you contradict, she doesn't like you
If you don't she thinks you are gullible

Oh Woman! so simple yet so complex
So weak yet so powerful
So confusing yet so desirable
Man can't live without them.......

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